Namaste. I’m Ankur Patil, your friendly neighborhood developer with a passion for creating things.

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My recent achievement includes winning at the Aptos Labs Blockchain Hackathon during InterIIT Tech Meet 12.0 with my creation of a Decentralized Trading Platform on the Aptos blockchain.

Currently, I am freelancing at Hackerrank as a problem-setter (mostly python based). I have also interned with companies like Kubernetes, Element/, Swan Bitcoin and Silence Laboratories.

I have been open sourcing from past few years, I have cracked prestigious open source fellowships and internships:

If you’re curious about my journey, feel free to explore My Journey. I thrive on continuous learning and look forward to new challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Apart from tech, I really love football (Fun Fact: I’m a proud member of my college football team) and currently find joy in playing gully cricket. xD