These projects are among my favorites from all the ones I’ve created so far.

Futures on Chain

Winner @ Aptos Labs Blockchain Development Hackathon at InterIIT Tech Meet 12.0

  • Futures on Chain is a decentralized futures trading platform built on top of the Aptos Blockchain. It has both a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) for the underlying commodity and a Futures Trading Platform built into it.
  • The repository consists of a Frontend Website to interact with the contract using the browser wallet, two APIs for real time market data and order placing.
  • For code, visit:


Winner @ Consensys’ Metamask Snap Development Hackathon, InterIIT Tech Meet 11.0

  • First-of-its-kind, SnapX is a MetaMask Snap powered with notifications and account recovery features
  • Built a Gatsby frontend integrated with AES and biometric authentication using Node.js for account recovery
  • Developed a notification system that sends periodic GraphQL
  • For code, visit:

Paper to Motion

  • Developed a Python-based command-line interface (CLI) that seamlessly converts PDFs into videos
  • Extracted content from PDF using PyPDF2 and ran a local ChatGPT node to generate summaries and prompts
  • Generated images from prompts using Stable Diffusion API and transformed content into video with
  • For code, visit:

Pull Request Action 🚀

This GitHub Action marks my inaugural creation and release on the GitHub Marketplace. The action encompasses several functionalities aimed at enhancing the GitHub Actions experience:

  • Auto Comment on PR Opening: Automatically adds a comment when a new Pull Request is opened.
  • Auto React to PR: Adds an automated reaction to the same Pull Request.
  • Auto Assignment: Assigns the Pull Request to its creator automatically.
  • First-Time Contributor Message: Includes a special message tailored for first-time contributors.

All these elements are easily configurable, providing users with flexibility in their workflow. For code, visit:

To explore all of my projects, please visit: